The Olive Oil Story

Our Philosophy Is Simple - Naturally Nourished

 Since 2012, The Olive Oil Skincare Company has been committed to making quality, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil products that are suitable for all ages, skin types, hair types and conditions. 

The Olive Oil Skincare Company is deeply passionate about producing natural and sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil products which are sourced and pressed from the olive groves in the warm central western climate of NSW, Australia.

Liquid Gold

Harvesting is a process that can take up to three months to complete depending on the weather and the ripening of the olives - this is a result of producing the “Liquid Gold" used to create the Nourishing Olive Oil Skincare range.

The Australian Harvesters take a lot of care and consideration when it comes to removing and collecting the fruit, to ensure there is no damage to the trees or the olives.

Upon collection from the grove, the olive fruit is carefully selected and taken back to the processing facility to undergo production. 

Once processed, the 'Liquid Gold' is pumped immediately into large basins for settling, blending, and storage. This quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil forms the base of all our natural skin and hair care products.

We are 100% natural, vegan and Australian-made. 

"The Olive Oil that is selected into our beautiful products is of the highest quality; good enough to eat, that's our promise". - Tracy Schembri, Sales Director.