About Us

Our Story

Our roots run deep, just like our commitment to healthy skin

Our story began with a search for a solution. In 2012, we recognised the difficulties people face when combating the frustrating skin condition, Psoriasis. Research indicated that harsh soaps and cleansers only worsened the irritation. Determined to find relief, we embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering the potential of olive oil to soothe and manage such symptoms.

Inspired by century-old recipes we experimented in our very own kitchen, crafting a gentle soap. The results were transformative – the soap brought welcome comfort. The positive results spread quickly, making our olive oil-based product made available at the local markets.

Fuelled by success and a desire to help others, we expanded our product range and dedicated to creating more olive oil based, soothing products with a dedicated production facility. Our commitment to further research deepened, revealing the wider potential of olive oil for all skin types.

Today Olive Oil Skin Care offers a range of products that creates smoother skin for all skin types, naturally. Trusted across Australia and beyond.