OOSC Gift Series: Body Care Pack

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Body Care Pack
Spoil your body with our hypo-allergenic range of body washes and then keep your body hydrated and moisturised with our indulgent and spoiling body lotion. Our climate demands that we keep our skin hydrated and moisturised- it is essential for healthy skin. All our products are all-natural and hypo-allergenic- suiting most skin types.
Our gift packs come in a beautiful presentation pack- designed to impress!

Our body care pack contains
Body Washes : we provide 2 body washes

At the core of our body wash is extra virgin olive oil

  • Olive oil contains ingredients that promote healthy skin; Vitamins A,E and K, Polyphenols, Phytosterols  and naturally occurring squalene
  • These ingredients assist in the anti-ageing process , improve skin flexibility and help keep the skin hydrated.

It is easily applied with a loofah: on application the body creates a smooth , soft lather: this lather cleanses and hydrates the skin.

( Don't expect any bubbles when using our body wash- our products are completely free of the skin drying agents that help form bubbles!!)

And when you are finished , the skin is left feeling fully hydrated, silky and soft- the ultimate pampering effect.


Body Lotion

After a day in the sun , hard work or if you  just need to pamper your skin this most popular,  all-natural, olive oil based skin lotion will spoil the skin. 

Our general activities expose our largest organ , the skin , to various deleterious substances that damage the skin. The sun , the cold , free radicals , pollution from cars, industry , alcohol , cigarette smoke , fabric dyes , cleaning compounds , disinfectants , paint ..................the list is endless. And we are constantly exposed.

Our specially crafted , all-natural,  hand and body lotion is designed to help repair the skin and overcome the damage caused by the various pollutants.

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OOSC Gift Series: Body Care Pack
OOSC Gift Series: Body Care Pack