OOSC Gift Series: Hair Care Pack

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Hair Care Pack

It started in ancient Minoan times on the island of Crete; archaeological artifacts reveal that olive oil was in usage for hair care  around 3000BC. 
The tradition  continued throughout the Mediterranean : Cleopatra was a renown user and the tradition continues to this very day.
 Olive Oil Skin Care has embraced the history of using olive oil for hair care and continues one of the oldest traditions in hair care with its olive oil based, all natural range of hair care products.
Olive Oil is rich in essential nutrients to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Olive oil stimulates circulation in the scalp and imparts and retain  moisture for your hair
Use our combination of shampoo and conditioners to give your hair that enviable lustre and vitality.
Our gift packs come in a beautiful presentation pack- designed to impress!

Our body care pack contains

Our Shampoos, Castile Style,  combines the benefits of olive oil for skin and hair care with a selection of essential oils to enhance the health of your hair

This combination of essential oils promotes healthy hair growth , helps manage sebum production and helps calm scalp inflammation.

Ideal for both oily and dry hair, our refreshing shampoos are rich in astringent properties to reduce excess oil and revitalize the scalp and follicles, leaving the hair fresh and healthy.


Our conditioners, Castile Style, combines the benefits of olive oil for skin and hair care with a specially crafted blend of essential oils  to help moisturise your scalp and keep your hair healthy.

Our conditioner is the sister product to our shampoo and when used it adds body , shine and helps strengthen the hair making it easier to brush and comb. It helps keep the hair tangle-free.

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OOSC Gift Series: Hair Care Pack
OOSC Gift Series: Hair Care Pack