I have been using Olive Oil Skin Care for many years now and it has literally saved my face ,hands, arms and legs. It is smooth and I am not allergic to it. I finally found a product hat was true to its word. I will never change to another product as I have found the right product for my body. Thank you. You are the Best Skin Care Company!!!!Thank You ; Barbara , Sydney March

I love running and often get chaffing. I have tried many products but have found that the Olive Oil Skin Care 'Soothing Balm' to be the best by far. Its quickly absorbed and soothes the skin quickly . Sometimes the fragrances used  in other balms irritated the skin but this balm is  fragrance free.  Brett , Melbourne September 

The Olive Oil shampoo has been a god send for my young daughter who has psoriasis of the scalp. We have tried every natural pharmaceutical product and without a doubt this has been the very best help. Amanda : Gibbons, British Columbia . April 

I would like to thank you for the face moisturiser you sent me. This is a repeat purchase as my daughter has sensitive skin ; this product is wonderful and feels like silk on her skin. After an extensive search we have found this to be the best for skin. Lorraine Melbourne April 

A friend of mine introduced me to the  Lemon Scented Tea Hand Wash. I love working in my garden and I have now found the best hand wash. I can feel the fine bamboo content clean the hands. I looked up the benefits of lemon scented tea tree oil and it also acts as a disinfectant. Cant do without it. Elizabeth: Ryde May 

I have tried so many hand moisturisers over the years because where I work it is often wet. I have tried a lot but the best is yours. I am so impressed by the way it gets into the skin so quickly and leaves the hands feeling very smooth. I am addicted. Rhonda: Moorebank February 

My aunty underwent chemotherapy and her skin became very dry. We bought a number of various lotions but they only provided a very short term effect. We did some research and found the Zetox range and in particular the Zetox cleansing bar and the Zetox body lotion. It works. The cleansing bar and the body lotion application has resulted in the skin becoming moist again and elasticity has returned. Apparently the zeolite mineral absorbs all the chemotherapy by product effect and the olive oil restores the skin properties. Julie-Anne :