Olive Oil Soap, Black Label Gift Set Special at $24.99(was $34.99)
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Olive Oil Soap, Black Label Gift Set Special at $24.99(was $34.99)

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There are so many occasions where you can give our  Olive Oil Soap,  Black Label  Gift Set. Be it mothers day or any other occasion our beautifully boxed pack contains our highly prized and awarded,  hand made , all natural ,olive oil soap.

On application, our olive oil soap provides a rich , smooth lather that spoils the skin. So luxurious, it leaves the skin fully moisturised and hydrated.

Our olive oil soap is made with extra virgin olive oil: olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E, essential minerals such as calcium , iron and zinc and contains the essential ingredients of squalene and polyphenols that will ensure the skin is moisturised , improves elasticity and assists in the anti-ageing process.

Normal retail value is over $35 but for the special occasions that occur the price is $24.99

Go ahead and make their day. They will enjoy it.


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