Olive Oil Soap- going back to the future of skin care

The humble olive is taken for granted. Yes it is wonderful to eat and yes it makes for great oil that is recommended as part of our diets. Did you know that it is just as beneficial to the skin as it is to the ingestion of olive oil?

What is fascinating is the multiple uses of the fruit and the leaves of this plant. It is the time proven skin benefits of olive oil that has inspired Olive Oil Skin Care Company Pty Ltd to develop a comprehensive range of skin care products  that take advantage of the properties of olive oil.

Olive oil is rich in all the vital nutrients that are required for healthy skin. It is rich in vitamins A and E, essential minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium , natural squalene and polyphenols: all daily essentials to optimise the functions of the skin. These ingredients help optimise the functions of the skin: the skin is  the largest organ of the body. Olive oil promotes healthy skin regeneration and growth , it enables moisturising and maintains and improves elasticity. It naturally assists in the continual battle against pollutants and free radicals. It is hypoallergenic and suits most skin types- it is so versatile.

Environmentally , olive oil is derived from a sustainable resource, the olive tree. They keep on producing year after year. On a recent trip to Spain I came across an olive grove that  they claim that the trees are thousands of years old and still producing- this is the grove in Catalonia.

The Olive Skin Care range had its genesis in the home kitchen.

The initial all natural  olive oil soap was developed to  help a family member who suffered psoriasis and commercially available soaps aggravated the condition. The new home made soap worked wonderfully well and became inspirational.From the kitchen to commercialisation took the mandatory steps ; friends, local markets, word of mouth to frontline manufacturer and supplier of olive oil soaps.

Our family of olive oil soaps , like many happy families, has grown so much from those early days. There is a comprehensive range and cover most individual requirements .

For those that prefer their olive oil soap to be un-fragranced there is the quintessential olive oil soap , unscented.

For babies and  for those who have delicate skin there is the choice of olive oil soap, goats milk or the very gentle olive oil soap , Manuka honey.

A unique olive oil soap is our Zetox cleansing barThis olive oil soap combines the regenerative skin qualities of olive oil with the adsorptive properies of the naturally occuring minneral, zeolite. It readily absorbs pollutants that originate in the environment as well as free radicals: the  nemesis of the skin in this day and age.Because of the inherent properties of the olive oil and zeolite this is an ideal olive oil soap to be used by individuals that under undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After treatment the skin can be very dry and inelastic. The zeolite in the olive oil soap adsorbs the deleterious materials and removes them and at the same time the olive oil content of the soap moisturises the skin and restores elasticity and helps retain moisture.

If the preference is for a fragranced olive oil soap then there is a range of  soaps that use only the finest essential oils and there is a fragrance for all occasions and preferences.

Our olive oil soaps are totally natural. there are no foaming agents , parabens , sodium lauryl sulphates ,artificial colours or additives used. They are just all natural.

On application they form a rich, smooth lather that cleanses and moisturisers and leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. 


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