Olive Oil Soap ,Indigenous Series,  Gidyea  100g
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Olive Oil Soap ,Indigenous Series, Gidyea 100g

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A hand-crafted olive oil soap that makes an ideal present as it is beautifully packaged.

This unique fusion of olive oil soap with indigenous flora is suitable for all skin types and ages. The Gidyea leaves are carefully hand-picked by Aboriginal elders and are dried and prepared according to traditional methods to ensure the longevity of the trees.

Royalties are paid to the suppliers of the leaves and the artist. 

Why are our soaps so special- No Sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, artificial colours, or fragrances are used.

The olive oil soap is made with extra virgin olive oil: olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E, essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc and contains the essential ingredients of squalene and polyphenols that will ensure the skin retains moisture, improve elasticity and assist in the anti-aging process. the added Gidyea leaves act as a natural exfoliant and is environmentally friendly.

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil, Water , Lye , Sodium Olivate, sodium Stearate , Sodium Citrate , Gidyea leaf


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