The Essential Guide to Natural Skin and Body Care

When it comes to your body and skin rituals, it’s easy to neglect your regimes when life becomes busy and overwhelming. Creating rituals for yourself is a form of self-love and respect, and when you opt for natural ingredients, you’re nourishing your body from the inside out.  

We want to make it easy to incorporate natural body and skin care products in your routine, so we’ve created the essential guide to natural skin and body care products so you can create more self-love and better skin days.

Start with your skincare routine 

Despite skincare, in general, being such a big conversation, when it comes to the basics for achieving clear, healthy skin, many people still skimp on the essentials. 

If you want to achieve healthy, clean, skin, you want to ensure you’re using the right products, and the first step in healthy skin starts with a deep, thorough cleanse. 

For this, we love to use the Naturally  Nourishing Cleansing Oil.  The pure olive oil lifts make-up and dirt easily and effortlessly from the skin. The oil does not clog your pores so it makes for the perfect pre-cleanser. 

Follow-up with our antioxidant-rich Juniper Facial Cleanser which helps fight the signs of aging and promotes healthy, supple skin. 

To complete your skincare routine, try adding an exfoliating scrub which can double as a face mask, to help remove dead skin cells, even skin texture and reveal a healthy glow. We love the Citrus Revival Facial Scrub.

Hydrate your face and body 

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, therefore you want to ensure you’re feeding it nourishing, hydrating and natural products. So when it comes to feeding your skin, what do you use? Well, we love nothing more than a super creamy, all-natural,  antioxidant-rich body moisturiser. 

Post-shower, opt for a natural body moisturiser such as the Citrus Revival Body Butter, to help hydrate and soften your skin. 

Including a body moisturiser as part of your skin and body care routine is essential if you want to achieve natural, healthy-looking skin. 

Multi-useful products 

The best news when it comes to using natural products is that you can use them in more ways than one. Take all of our natural body washes - you can use them for everyone in your household, including your pets! You can even use our body washes as a form of hair care. 

Next time you’re using oils on your face, use the leftover residue for your cuticles and hands. And when it comes to your creams and moisturisers, you can use them all over your face and body, pending your skin type. 

To conclude this essential guide to natural skin and body products, remember that you will be nourishing your skin every time you use Olive Oil Skincare products.