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Benefits of a Serum & How to Use

written by: Ashley Parker


You are probably most familiar with the basic practices of skin care and skin care routines, wash your face morning and night, use moisturizer and always use sunscreen.  But there is a new rapidly growing addition to the skin care routine that you probably have heard of, but unsure about; using a serum.  Serums are the key addition to any good skin care routine. You can cleanse and moisturize until your heart's content, but if you're looking for active ingredients to help smooth, brighten, and lift, you need a serum.


What is a serum?


A serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients that you can get without a prescription.  Cleansers and moisturizers typically contain around 8% active ingredient, whereas serums can contain as much as 70%.  This means you are getting more results when you are looking to even tone, brighten, reduce fine lines, firm and rid dark spots.  


Less Breakouts


Active ingredients and the texture of serums can leave less residue that moisturizers might leave. Unlike most moisturizers, (which tend to be thicker and can leave residue on the skin), serums have a less thick watery consistency which increases the skin's ability to absorb.  This means serums absorb into the skin much deeper allowing the skin to absorb more active ingredients.


How to Apply Serums


Now that you know what a serum is and how it can benefit you, now it is time to talk about how to apply the serum for best results.  


Cleanse before Using Serum


A serum is most effective when applied to clean skin.  Throughout the day your face is exposed to dirt and air pollution build up that can block the pores and create a residue build up on the skin.  For maximum results, wash your face before applying serum.  This will allow the serum to better penetrate the skin to deliver the active ingredients.


Apply a Warm Moist Towel to Face


Apply a warm moist towel to your face to open pores and leave skin slightly moist.  This will help improve absorption of the serum.


Pat Serum into Your Skin


When applying skin care products, the natural urge is to massage the products into your skin.  Do not massage the serum into your skin as this will limit the amount of absorption.  For better absorption of the serum, put dots of serum on your face and pat the serum into your skin allowing the skin to absorb the serum.  




If you feel tingling on your face when applying the serum, have no fear as this is a common sensation when applying serum.  A tingling sensation can often mean the active ingredients are being absorbed by the skin. 


Follow Up with a Moisturizer


Once the serum is absorbed, wait for the serum to dry.  Follow up the serum with a moisturizer to help lock it in.  Don't forget to moisturize your neck!  The neck is often a forgotten area to moisturize.  When applying the moisturizer, apply moisturizer in upward strokes, some skin care experts suggest applying moisturizer in upward strokes to help combat sagging and wrinkled skin.